Wildix Solutions are always evolving to meet every business’ needs in this fast paced, technological world. Their new x-bees platform is an example of this and we are proud to be resellers to deliver this advanced solution to you.

A Profile on x-bees

x-bees is a customer management communication solution that enables you to reach prospects and customers in real-time. Not only this, but it also gives you the ability to automatically log into your CRM and easily integrate business intelligence.

With everything in one place, you have all you need to convert your leads and streamline your sales process. Integrated chat, audio and video and automated note taking enhances engagement and interaction with your customers.

x-bees Product Features

Real-Time Group Chat with External Clients

x-bees provides the ability to add external people to a group chat and generate calls from the chat. This, in turn, ensures everyone can stay informed and the information is relayed in a more efficient way. Also, there is the option to integrate Office 365 and Google Calendars to schedule meetings for the group too.

Collated Data in Your Customer Communication Management System

Data and notes can be quickly added into x-bees during a call, guaranteeing correct logs for the future. All the information you need is in one place, such as lead status, plans and dates of discussions, and raised objections, so you are able to focus on the best sales techniques for your business and avoid micromanagement.

Wide Range of Integration Options

Wildix is renowned for its unified communications. The x-bees platform utilises Wildix’s suite of tools so you can benefit from essential metrics and additional communication solutions such as SMS and IP phones. There are a wide range of integrations to suit your specific business needs – plus you can take the platform anywhere you want to go with a seamless mobile application that works on any major device.

Benefits of x-bees

Create Stronger Relationships with Customers

Using chat, audio and video conferencing, you can ensure your staff create strong relationships with each customer. Customers also have the ability to communicate with you wherever you or they are, so you are always available.

Enhance Your Sales Funnel

No matter how complex your sales funnel is, whether you’re using Salesforce, Zoho or Hubspot, your x-bees leads will be managed quickly and efficiently. Your information will always be accessible and your sales funnel will always be streamlined.

Improve Your Sales Technique

By analysing every conversation, lead and deal, you gain a clearer picture of whether you meet customer expectations and how you can improve your sales technique.

Unified Communications from Ocean Telecom

x-bees speeds everything up and is the perfect customer communication management platform with everything your business needs in one place. Enhance your sales funnel and customer experience by getting in touch with the Ocean Telecom team here.