Unfortunately, it’s not just homes or retail shops that are targets for theft and burglary, business premises are also at risk. Did you know there were 11,119 incidents of theft (theft crime rate 1,461) in Suffolk in the year ending July 2021?

Businesses are obviously home to a lot of technology and other valuable assets, so you need to make sure it is protected not only by insurance, but with security measures too.

Let’s take a look at how you can increase security for your business and ensure your belongings are safe.

Ways to Increase Security for Your Business

Conduct a Thorough Risk Assessment

One of the first things you should do is walk around your premises, including the car park and every possible entrance into the building. This way, you can understand and identify vulnerabilities and where you need to add extra protection.

Add Lights & Alarms Where Necessary

Do you have a reliable alarm system? If it needs upgrading or you need to add more, here is your sign to do so. You can’t put a price on protection and setting alarm systems where you can will give you great peace of mind. Not only will the presence of the alarms deter criminals, but they will help reduce the severity of the burglary. Well-lit areas will also deter potential intruders and make your staff feel safer.

Fit CCTV Cameras Around the Building

With the advancements in technology, CCTV devices now give you the ability to monitor your business premises on-the-go. In addition to adding them to the outside of your building, both exits and entrances, add them to your hallways and stairwells too. As well as recording any potential break-ins, they will discourage burglars from attempting to steal.

How Else Can CCTV Benefit Your Business?

Together with deterring thefts and burglaries, it can also prevent abusive and violent behaviour. If people are aware that their actions are being caught on camera, they will be less likely to act. Furthermore, this will help your staff feel safer from criminal activity.

Protecting your belongings goes a lot further with CCTV as well; insurance providers are more likely to offer you a discounted rate if you install CCTV so you are even more protected if you need to make a claim.

CCTV is a multi-dimensional technology that does more than just security. Contact us today to get the perfect, reliable solution for you.