Does your business phone line have hold music and messaging? If your main form of communication with your customers is over the phone, these elements are much more important than you may first think.

By leaving your clients on hold with silence, you could be negatively impacting your customer service levels. Let’s take a closer look as to why you should make sure you always have on hold music and messaging.

The Impact of Hold Music & Messaging on Customer Service

Silence Feels Longer

Hold music and messaging can actually make your customers feel like they are waiting for less time than if there was silence. Due to the sound filling the time and having this to focus on instead of the clock, people are more likely to stay on the phone and less likely to feel like their time on hold to be excessive.

Helps Process Information

Even though being put on hold is purely practical for business purposes, it can prove to be useful for the customer too. Whether you are transferring them to another department, putting them on hold to ask your team a question, or trying to find something while on the phone, this time can help the customer absorb the message you’ve just put across.

Keep the Client Interested

By promoting information on hold, you are able to keep the client interested, engaged and attentive as well as endorse any products or services you offer. This provides an opportunity for the client to bring it up in conversation when they are taken off hold and, if they choose not to bring it up now, the information will be retained for next time.

Reduces Hang-ups

Not only does hold music and messaging let the customer know that you haven’t hung up on them, but it also reduces the likelihood of them hanging up on you. Keep them connected by choosing music and messaging that represents your brand whilst also keeping their spirits lifted and boosting positivity.

Hold Music & Messaging from Ocean Telecom

Did you know that we have a customer portal where you can choose the artist, melody and script for your phone line? Maximise your business phone system from us and make it truly your own by creating your personalised music on hold and script writing.

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