Signing up for Direct Debit

Signing up for Direct Debit

Signing up for Direct Debit couldn’t be easier. Click on the Direct Debit logo below to complete the DD mandate. Please note that if your bank requires two or more signatures, there are a couple of additional steps.

Instructions for multiple signatures if required.

Once you have completed the initial mandate and ticked the box to indicate you have more than one signatory, you will be presented with the screen below. You must follow each step in the instructions for the mandate to be summited.

  • Print the mandate by clicking on ‘Print Agreement’.
  • All signatories must sign on or around the signature box.
  • Scan and save the mandate to your PC.
  • Drag your saved mandate into the box in section 2, or select ‘Choose file’ to browse to where you saved on your PC.
  • Click on ‘Submit Signed Agreement’.

If you don’t tick that box, the DD mandate will not be fully setup with your bank, and we will not be able to take payments.