Electric Vehicle Car Charger Installation

Electric Vehicle Car Charger Installation

The move to fully electric is surging ahead, and this brings with it the need for Electric Vehicle Chargers. Not only domestically, but at petrol stations, offices, public car parks, and many more.

At the end of May 2021 there were over 300,000 pure electric vehicles (BEV) registered in the UK, as well as a further 600,000 hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).

Sevadis are a leading manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Chargers, and provide solutions for every requirement. Ocean has teamed up with Firstfield, a local, and highly regarded electromechanical company, who have extensive experience installing EV chargers. Working with Firstfield, we are able to provide a proven product range, and offer affordable solutions.

How does it work

Working together with the excellent team of electrical engineers at Firstfield, we discuss your requirements, survey your site, and handle everything. We will also discuss and agree appropriate tariff’s and the long term cost effectiveness of your charger installation.

Installation can require groundworks, and we will advise you of any expected disruption to the charger installation area.

What are the benefits of using Sevadis chargers

  • Entry level, Mid and Premium range chargers, available for both domestic and commercial customers to suit all needs.
  • All chargers in the range are OZEV approved for both EVHS and WCS.
  • Ability to pick and mix chargers from the Stilo, Scatalo and Grandis range Inc Single & 3 phase.
  • Chargers across the range can be set between 3.6kW up to 22kW – the charger range can also be set at any kW in between.
  • Cloud management system available to be used with all chargers (Sevadis Cloud).
  • All chargers OCPP compliant to use other back end systems.

Sevadis Cloud

Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • The Charge point owner has control and can monitor and manage the charge point system
  • PAYG Billing and Payments Platform online
  • Multiple payments tariffs can be set including visitor / tenant / free vend / generating revenue for the charge point operator
  • User (Staff/Visitor) can activate the points via SmartPhone,or authorised RFID card, linked to their payment account.
  • 85% Revenue is credited to the customer by Sevadis

Well managed and easy to use platform

Payment, Billing and Reporting
  • Invoices are itemised showing each charge, by date, time, rate, length of charge and total cost per charge.
  • Users can be charged in a number of ways for example, for price per kWh of electricity used, at a fixed hourly rate, and monthly/annual subscription.
  • Payment is made via a mobile mobile-friendly website that is available on IOS and Android devices.
  • Sevadis collect all payments from charge point users and forward these payments in collated batches minus a 15% service management fee, to the charge point owner. Payments to the charge point owner from Sevadis are made quarterly.
Tariff Management
  • Set & amend remotely in real time.
  • Set & amend for individual users.
  • Set & amend based on time of day.
  • Set & amend based on individual charging units.
Portfolio management
  • Control each charger remotely in real time.
  • Control the entire portfolio, at individual charger level, group level, socket, or by person in real time, be that for full tariff management or software updates.

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