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Broadband, Leased Lines & Data

Broadband, Leased Lines & Data

Ocean Talk supplies and supports business connectivity products throughout the UK


For most SME’s, internet access is commonly provided via Broadband. Fibre broadband is increasingly becoming available throughout the country, and businesses are taking advantage of the greater speeds it can offer.

Broadband has a faster download than upload rate, making it perfect for browsing, email & streaming. Broadband can be delivered by cable, satellite, mobile, fibre and, most commonly, by ADSL (Copper cable). It is widely available, has short delivery times, and low set up costs.

Broadband is a contended service, meaning that speeds can vary depending upon a number of factors. If your business requires a more resilient internet service for it’s voice or data traffic, with guaranteed services levels, we would recommend a leased line.

Leased Lines

A leased line is an uncontended service that provides direct internet access, with guaranteed bandwidth and service levels. They are private circuits, only for your use, and are the current Gold standard for business connectivity.

Leased Lines are capable of carrying very large amounts of voice & data traffic. They are often employed by larger businesses, and businesses where the internet service is a critical component of their daily function. Ocean Talk offers a number of Leased line products.

It’s important for a business to carefully consider the connectivity options and choose the right service. With so much relying on internet access, should it fail for any reason, it can cause a great deal of harm to a business. At Ocean, our staff will guide you through the options and provide the right product to fit your business needs.

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