Business Internet

Business Internet

Ocean Telecom Broadband services can help you find the perfect broadband solution for your business and offer ongoing support throughout your contract. There is no doubt you need reliable broadband for the functionality of your business, so why not accept guidance from the experts?

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Ocean Telecom supplies and supports business broadband and internet connectivity products throughout the UK

Internet Connectivity for Business

For most SME’s, internet access is commonly provided via Broadband. Fibre broadband is commonly available throughout the country, and businesses are taking advantage of the greater speeds it can offer. In rural locations, such as Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, the download and upload speeds available can still fall short of the requirements of a modern business. Solutions are available though to help rural businesses.

Broadband has a faster download than upload rate, making it perfect for browsing, email & streaming. Broadband can be delivered by cable, satellite, mobile, fibre and, most commonly, by ADSL (Copper cable). It is widely used, has short delivery times, and low set up costs.

Broadband is a contended service, meaning that speeds can vary depending upon a number of factors.. Your contention ratio is a hugely important factor to consider when choosing a Broadband connection.  For example, if you have a service with a 50:1 contention ratio, you are sharing your internet connection with 50 other businesses or households. Contention ratios will effect your upload and download speeds enormously, and fluctuations will occur at different times of the day.  If your business requires a more resilient, dedicated internet service for it’s voice or data traffic, with guaranteed services levels, we would strongly recommend a leased line.

Contended Services:

  • Normal Broadband, known as ADSL
  • Fibre Broadband to the cabinet, known as FTTC
  • Fibre Broadband to the premises, known as FTTP

Our team will guide you through the options available to you and recommended a solution to meet your business needs.


With ADSL the service is copper all the way from the exchange to the end premises via the green street cabinet.  Speeds of up to 24Mb can be achieved but that speed is greatly reduced depending on the distance from exchange and the quality of the line.


With FTTC there is a fibre cable to the local cabinet and the last leg to the end premises is still copper.  The maximum speed achievable is around 80Mb download but this will decrease the further you are from the green street cabinet and the quality of the line


G.Fast (also referred to as Ultra Fast Fibre) is effectively the same technology as FTTC but the local green street cabinet has been upgraded to allow much faster speeds.  These are either 160Mb down/30 up or 330Mb down/50 up.  The last leg is still copper so distance and quality of the line can impact the speeds achieved.


FTTP is a full fibre service from exchange through to end premises.  This will deliver a much more reliable service due to no copper cables.  Speed available are 160Mb down/30 up or 330Mb down/50 up and the achievable speeds should be close to that as no copper cable is involved.

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