Leased Lines

Leased Lines

Leased Lines are capable of carrying very large amounts of voice & data traffic. They are often employed by larger businesses, and businesses where the internet service is a critical component of their daily function. Ocean Talk offers a number of Leased line products.

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Business Leased Lines

Leased Lines are an uncontended service that provides direct internet access with guaranteed bandwidth and service levels. They are private circuits, only for your use, and are the current Gold standard for business connectivity.

Leased Lines are capable of carrying very large amounts of voice & data traffic. They are often employed by larger businesses, and smaller businesses where the internet service is a critical component of their daily function. This could include business that transfer very large files, ecommerce, and those offering reliable services to their own customers.

The symetric nature of the service allows IT networks to communicate site to site without disruptions. With upload speeds the same as download, back-ups are faster, and using cloud based hosted IT and telephony services is far more efficient than traditional broadband services.

Uncontended means that the connection to the internet is dedicated for your use only. No other business or domestic users can impede on the quality of your connection, thus ensuring uninterrupted service at all times. The connection will also have stringent service levels, and typically has “Up” reliability of over 99%.

With a leased line the fibre connectivity is direct from the exchange to your premises and not via a street cabinet

Benefits of a leased line

  • Uncontended. The service will be consistant irrespective of other businesses and households.
  • Faster download speeds are available with the speeds being guaranteed up and down
  • Faster upload speeds
  • Far greater reliability
  • Very strict agreed service levels with 7 hour fix
  • Guaranteed low latency for real time applications such as voice and video
  • Fully managed service with a demarcation point being the managed router

It’s important for a business to carefully consider their connectivity options, and choose the right service. With so much relying on internet access, should it fail for any reason, it can cause a great deal of harm to a business. At Ocean Telecom’s offices in Suffolk, our staff will guide you through the options and provide the right product to fit your business needs, regardless of your location in the UK.

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