Business Mobiles

Business Mobiles

Ocean Telecom are devoted to helping you make your business more efficient and profitable, by providing personalised communication solutions that work around you. We can offer you a number of mobile packages, and guide you through the options, to find the perfect bundle for your business.

Great reasons to choose Ocean Telecom:

  • A wide range of products and packages for the business user.
  • Dedicated to making communication cost-efficient, straightforward and convenient.
  • Client base of over 1000 businesses, based throughout East Anglia and beyond.
  • A personal support system for the life of your contract.

Business Mobile Phone Providers

Business Mobiles have become a “must have” for today’s businesses.

Choosing the right business mobile phone tariff can be a minefield to navigate. With a myriad of handsets and call packages, Business Mobiles can be a complex and confusing proposition. It’s difficult to really get to the bottom of which tariff, with what handsets would best provide your business the right level of functionality & cost. Often, the complicated industry jargon also makes it hard to understand.

Ocean Telecom are truly independent. We offer tariffs and equipment from all the networks and major manufacturers. As a result, our team help cut through the jargon. We navigate the options available to your business, and provide clear solutions for your requirements so you don’t have to. Whether it’s the right network, or you’re deciding on the right business mobile phone devices to use.

Tariffs available from all the main UK networks.

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Small Business Mobile Plans (1 to 49 handsets)

Get independent advice and a FREE tariff analysis on single and sharer plans.

Large Business Mobile Plans (50+ handsets)

Professionally managed service, expert advice, huge savings and bespoke plans.

Further to this, Ocean Telecom are dedicated to making communication cost-efficient, straightforward and convenient. Therefore, providing complete, personal service for the life of your contract is a main priority of ours. Our client base of over 1000 businesses based throughout East Anglia and beyond is evidence of our dedication to aftercare.

We understand that choosing the right handsets and packages can be a frustrating process for many business owners. Often the complicated industry jargon makes it hard to understand the details of what you’re being sold and the real benefit to your business. For this reason, our service is tailored to suit your business needs. Finally, every client receives an independent review of their tariff at agreed intervals by a dedicated account manager.


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Whether your business is in Suffolk, East Anglia, or beyond, Ocean Telecom has the right products to meet your needs. Ocean Telecom has grown to become one of the leading providers of communications products and telecom services in East Anglia.

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