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Small Business Phone Systems UK

There is a growing pool of different ways to speak to eachother, as well as new capabilities being developed by old methods. Ensuring that you and your small business phone systems are ahead of the trend, or at least following them, has never been more important. Emails, instant messaging, tweeting and other social media communication are all great forms of communication for a business. However, telephone calling is still one of the most significant and personal forms of business communication.

Even though it seems phones are a thing of the past, it’s rare that you ever find a business that does not use them. Communicating by telephone remains a personal and convenient way for companies to communicate with customers. As a result, investing in cloud VOIP systems and other phone lines isn’t optional for modern small businesses.

It is also rare to speak to a person that has not experienced the frustrations of navigating a business phone menu. Spending time listening to a bot, however wanting simply to speak to a real person. Business phones are a necessity for small businesses, although it’s important to maintain control of your customer’s exprience. One of the key benefits of a business phone system from Ocean Telecom is that we give you just that.

Cloud-based telephony can represent a daunting financial investment for some small businesses. An average company replaces their phone system every seven years, and sometimes even longer. So, whether you’re looking for an initial installation or replacement, it is good to understand just what you’re paying for.

The right selection can meet your needs for years to come.

Small Business Phone Costs

Small Business Phone System Costs and Pricing Factors

When it comes to replacing your office phone systems, the thought of cost can sometimes detract from the value of the machines themselves. However, at Ocean Telecom, we believe that no business should go without good phone systems. This is why we’ve developed the tool above – to allow businesses to get a quote for what they need, rather than what companies want to sell.

To explain further, we’ve provided a list of some pricing factors that can alter the cost of small business phone systems. If you’re wondering how much a new phone system will cost your company, the information below is a great start.

1. Number of Users

How small is your small business? Do you all require phone lines, or does only one team dial out? In other words: how many phone lines does your company require? Taking a look at some of your business’ day to day tasks can help you to quantify the number of phone systems that you need. Certain team members, such as a receptionist or a salesperson, may require a phone each. However, can your dedicated, non-customer facing team do without?

You may also be planning an expansion, in which case you should consider which particular staff members may require a phone. Ocean Telecom often spend time helping potential clients plan for the future.

2. Single-or-multi location business

Does your company undertake all of it’s business at one location? A phone system contract that covers one location with 20 users will ultimately cost less than setting up 20 users split between 4 locations.

Similarly with point 1, you could also consider whether teams at different locations require more/less phone systems. It is important to remember that each location requiring phone system installation can increase the final cost of your small business phone system.

3. Phone Model

Some small business owners and IT specialists may not realise, but different phone systems and brands offer a host of different features, all to varying degrees of quality. Consider the difficulty of choosing a mobile phone – do you get the latest Samsung, Apple or Huawei? – and you’ll understand what we mean.

Costs can vary drastically depending on the brand name, model number or depending on the USPs of the system. With this said, it’s worth considering the different features that you may require.

Phone features that may or may not be included, depending on your phone model, can include:

  • 3-Way Calling
  • Internal Calling
  • Out-of-Office Automatic Replies
  • Call Transferring
  • Call Forwarding
  • Holding Calls
  • Speed Dial
  • Call Waiting

Depending on your small business’ structure, some or all of your phone users may require many optional features already included.

4. Add-On Phone Services

Phone service packages in their most basic form allow businesses to make and receive short and long-distance calls. However, with an ever-expanding world of capabilities and software, many companies find add-ons to be something of a must. Specifically, some add-on services can significantly improve aspects of a day-to-day business, such as productivity and collaboration. Commonly requested add-on services can include:

  • Conferencing
  • Enhanced access to emergency services
  • Integration with CRM systems

Add-on services can significantly increase client and employee satisfaction, however it’s important to remember that costs can increase significatly compared to a basic contract.

5. Type of System Selected

The type of phone system you select can affect the costs of your hardware, maintenance, and installation. For instance, choosing a traditional landline over VoIP phones may encounter some extra cost in the long run, as more add-on services are introduced.

Small businesses in 2019 tend to opt for VoIP services. VoIP services can save a small business significant money, whilst maintaining a high call quality for your staff and customers. Some factors to consider when it comes to making the decision between VoIP and traditional phone systems can include:

  • Quality of Service
  • Reliability/Uptime
  • Customer Support Abilities
  • Mobility
  • Calling Features
  • Integration with a CRM, or other internal systems

6. Required Training

Whether you’re a team of first-time phone users or tech-savvy wizkids, all employees will require training on how to effectively operate any new technology. Nothing looks less professional than not being able to use a phone system. You may be able to reduce training costs by managing this process internally, however the time this may take is something to consider.

7. Telephone System Maintenance Requirements

The annual cost of telephone system maintenance varies in accordance with a few factors. Internal IT resources and a lack of internal internal know-how are two examples of this.

Thankfully, for clients that do not have the necessary means to maintain their phone systems, Ocean Telecom offer telephone system maintenance contracts. Maintenance contracts with Ocean Telecom are bespoke to every business and also gains clients access to our dedicated support stock. Similarly, our support clients can benefit from a dedicated support desk and our fully manufacturer trained engineers.

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