Cloud Based VoIP

Cloud Based VoIP

Cloud-based VOIP offers a great deal of features which include: Call Centre, Call recording, Unified Communications, Mobility, Redundancy, Skype for Business, Multi-site, Customer personalisation & Scalable (from a single user up to thousands)

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Cloud VOIP Phone

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Cloud VoIP Suffolk

Ocean Telecom are a Suffolk-based cloud communications specialists in the UK. Our team have been supplying telecom solutions to businesses throughout the UK and Europe since 2002.

We provide the latest business phone systems at an affordable price for your business. Ocean Telecom has a solution for you, regardless of whether you need phones for two or two thousand employees.

What is Cloud based telephony?

Cloud-based telecoms have been gradually replacing the need for conventional phone systems for businesses for the last 10 years. As connectivity has improved, Cloud systems are now the most flexible means for a business to communicate.

These cloud phone systems are large software-based platforms that reside in data centers. At least two data centers house the platform, providing excellent resilience and performance.

With a cloud-based phone system, businesses are able to have unparalleled access to their staff in almost any location globally. Equally, your customers can easily communicate with your business in a wide variety of ways. The only requirement of a VoIP phone system is connectivity to the internet. As a result, users may use a desk phone, desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. With any of theses devices, a user is part of your system and can enjoy full functionality.

Our cloud phone systems are increasing in popularity because businesses now benefit from faster and more stable internet connectivity. Cloud-hosted VoIP systems utilise structured data cabling, amongst other methods, to achieve this. Ocean Telecom often installs data cabling as part of our VOIP installation service.

When it comes to the phone systems themselves, there are a wide range of handsets available to suit all needs. From desktop handsets, cordless handsets for multiple environments, and a variety of headsets. Equally,  with a Voip system from Ocean you can use any device with access to the internet.

We reduce your expenditure as much as possible  with our flexible payment plans, allowing you to manage costs. The systems themselves are regularly upgraded by the phone creators, so businesses benefit from a sustainable business phone network.

Some features of cloud-based VOIP:

Our Cloud VoIP Solutions

We offer two fantastic award winning Cloud VoIP phone system solutions.



For a full Unified Communications solution, we offer Wildix. Wildix brings your business and customers together in a multitude of ways. To find out more, click here.

Where other business phone solutions utilise non-proprietary terminals, ours will always offer full end to end functionality. Wildix & Ericsson-LG are trusted by SME’s, public services and corporations of all sizes just like us.

Benefits of our Cloud Based Phone System

The cloud will benefit your business in many ways. The systems are resilient, secure and feature-rich.

Cloud brings all the features you expect, together with features and flexibility far beyond traditional systems. The perfect solution for businesses that collaborate, communicate and understand their customers.

Whether you use a handset, web portal, or your mobile phone, we’ll provide the cloud solution to suit you. We believe communications should be tailored to deliver reliable and simple communications every time.

If you work from home or in multiple locations, we’ll offer a bespoke plan to fit your needs. We also offer on-demand feature additions, and same-day provisioning, while managing users is also simple. Your business should benefit from a designed, scalable Ocean Cloud solution.

We offer a customisation package, which allows you to tailor your user’s experience however you like. Simply ask us to and we’ll assist you with setup.

This cloud-based phone system will be a key tool for collaboration and communication between your team and your clients.

We’re expert installers of cloud based phone systems

As a full-service telecoms company, Ocean Telecom takes pride in the installation of your cloud phone systems. We know you don’t want to lose an unexpected amount of phone connectivity, so it is our mission to install the systems and train your staff as efficiently as we can.

With that said, our telephone system maintenance team are on hand to help you with any queries you may have post-installation. We have a dedicated support desk, fully manufacturer trained engineers, and huge experience providing the high levels of support you expect.

How can I upgrade my business phone systems?

In short, speak to Ocean Telecom today.

You can get in touch via the contact page or by calling us on 01284 771555.

If you’d like to give us a little more information about your business phone system requirements, take a look at our Business Phone Solution Finder, let us know a best time to call and we’ll make sure to be in touch with all the information you need.

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