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Cloud-Based Telecoms

Cloud-Based Telecoms

Cloud-based VOIP offers a great deal of features which include: Call Centre, Call recording, Unified Communications, Mobility, Redundancy, Skype for Business, Multi-site, Customer personalisation & Scalable (from a single user up to thousands)

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Cloud VOIP Phone

Cloud VOIP

Hosted or cloud-based communicaton systems are essentially extremely large software based platforms that reside in data centers.  At least two data centers house the platform, which ensures redundancy is available if there is an issue. The extensions are IP based and connected to the platform via the internet. These systems are becoming increasingly popular as businesses are able to benefit from faster and more stable internet connectivity.

Benefits of Cloud-Based VOIP

  • Low Capital costs (Monthly Subscription)
  • Flexibility & Control
  • User Portal Access

Other cloud-based communications technologies could serve you better, as this cloud architecture may not be the right choice if your business does not possess great internet connnectivity.  Hosted also requires that your premises have structured (data) cabling in place as cloud based services need fast internet speed. Ocean Telecom can install cabling and connectivity as part of our cloud VOIP service. Hosted VOIP is most often rented monthly on a per extension (seat) basis, offering a very flexible way to manage your telecoms bills.

Features of Cloud-Based VOIP:

  • Call Centre
  • Call recording
  • Unified Communications
  • Mobility
  • Redundancy
  • Skype for Business
  • Multi-site
  • Customer personalisation
  • Scalable, from a single user up to thousands

Ocean Cloud is powered by Ericsson-LG, one of the Worlds largest telephony providers. It’s systems are used by SME’s, large corporations and governments.

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