Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing

The demand for Audio Conferencing has grown and grown. With more people working in remote locations, it's an easy and effective way to hold meetings and sharing ideas. Removing transport costs and lost work-time spent in the car, it's also a very cost effective solution.

Great reasons to choose Ocean Telecom:

  • 30+ experience in the industry
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  • Client base of over 1000 businesses, based throughout East Anglia and beyond.
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With the world more connected day-by-day, Audio Conferencing is becoming more regular. Whether you‘re working from home or doing business across the globe, let Ocean Telecom create opportunities for multi-location meetings.

Business Conference Phone

Naturally, there is plenty to consider when it comes to choosing your conference call service provider. It doesn’t have to be hard, though – let Ocean Telecom’s dedicated team talk you through the decision. Once you’re ready, we’ll come to fit your business phone systems as soon as it’s suitable for you. As part of our Ocean Talk package, we can give an unprecedented ability to create and manage conference calls.

Our Conference Call System benefits;

Audio Conferencing

    Audio Conferencing can easily be configured to your specific requirements. Feature options include: the ability to set up any number type, bespoke welcome messages, host tracking and call recording.
  • SECURE –
    For your peace of mind, a pin access system is in place, ensuring users are unable to join a conference call accidentally. Private conference IDs are also available for an additional level of security.
    Conference Hosts are able to generate a separate PIN to ensure the call cannot begin without their attendance. This gives them full control of the meeting and is particularly useful when a call involves clients and third parties.
    Upload a unique Welcome Audio and select the music you wish to play while callers wait for the conference to start. We offer a professionally recorded Welcome Audio service or a generic Welcome Audio as standard.
    You can limit the number of callers that can dial into any one conference and limit the number of attempts on inputting the PIN.
    Each Conference service can have multiple groups & PINs. You can set up one service with the same settings but issue out different PINs to different customers so they can all dial in through one memorable number.
    For more secure calls, you can choose to have a Conference ID as well as the standard PIN. The 2nd level identifier is useful for business with strict security regulations or for confidential calls.
    You can choose to only start a conference when the host has dialled in. This is useful when you are hosting a call which involves both a customer and supplier and you want to ensure you keep control of the conversation.


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