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CCTV for Business

CCTV for Business

Just some of the reasons to consider installing CCTV

CCTV isn’t simply a tool to deter criminals, there are many benefits to businesses. With advances in technology, the reasons for employing CCTV in your business have grown year on year. We provide CCTV solutions throughout Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and beyond!

The reasons for employing a CCTV system can be varied and the type of CCTV we install will depend upon your specific business type and requirements. Here are a few of the key reasons why CCTV makes sense.

  • Deterring break-ins
    CCTV is proven to reduce the risk of break-ins and the associated business interruption that break-ins entail.
  • Improve Health & Safety
    CCTV improves many aspects of Health & Safety. Monitoring encourages staff members to always follow best practices, reducing the risk of injury and accidents.  If your business sometimes has staff members work on their own in an area (Lone Worker), CCTV, together with either control room or remote monitoring, helps to ensure their safety and ensure help will be close at hand should an incident occur.
  • Reducing theft
    Theft on your premises can present a very real and costly problem, both in terms of the value of goods stolen and the management costs investigating the theft. CCTV vastly reduces the chances of theft occurring, increases the likelihood of finding the culprit and reduces time investigating the indecent.
  • Remote monitoring
    The days of only being able to monitor CCTV from the premises are now a thing of the past. Secure monitoring is now available on mobile devices, tablets and remote PC’s. This flexibility allows you to be fully in control wherever you are, enabling quick decisions to be made.
  • Insurance
    Many insurance companies offer discounted premiums where suitable CCTV is installed.


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