Leased Line Installation Questions

Leased Line Installation Questions

Welcome to our Leased Line Installation Questionnaire

Ocean Telecom provide installation of Leased Lines for businesses across Suffolk, Essex & the UK. Please fill out the form below, which should give us good basis for a leased line installation quote.

    How do I get a Leased Line Installed?

    Once you’ve filled in the questionnaire above, we’ll give you a call or send you an email with more information. Our team will then discuss your requirements with you at length, before providing a cost for leased line installation.

    When you’ve had your leased lines installed, we’ll provide any information required for on-going maintenance of your leased line and Cloud PBX systems. We’re also a business that provides great aftercare services, so make sure you speak to our team for more information if you think a telephone system maintenance contract is something you’ll need.