Unified Communications UC&C

Unified Communications UC&C

Business practices are constantly evolving and need a unified communications platform to meet their needs. Wildix is that platform. Accessable from any device, your staff and customers can communicate & collaborate seamlessly. It's easy to use, cost effective, multinational and proven.

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Wilx Unified Communications and Collaboration

UC&C from Ocean Telecom.

Next generation products delivering real business benefits. With a highly innovative approach to problem solving, Wildix have created a suite of products that combine telephony, video conferencing, UC and intergration with a huge number of applications. Whether your business is in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk or beyond, Ocean Telecom can take your communications to new heights with Wildix Unified Communications!

Wildix Unified Communications and Collaboration

Who are Wildix?

Wildix is the most complete VOIP solution. Wildix have almost 1 million active users in 135 countries. This means that whether you’re located in a single country, or multiple locations, Wildix will provide a complete Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C) solution. It’s a multi-award winning product.

Whats different about Wildix?

It’s not just about phones! Wildix enables your staff to use the platform on any device, mobile, tablet, PC & MAC. Wildix were the first VOIP platform to launch WebRTC. With WebRTC, if you can access the internet, you can use & be present on the platform. There’s no need to download software or applications.

Video calling and video conferencing

Video calling and video conferencing

Wildix are the masters of visual communications, whether from a mobile telephone, desktop, laptop, or a full conferencing suite. Wildix recognised the power of real-time video and took it to another level. Creating a video chat is easy! Share & review documents whilst on a video call!

Integration with software & hardware

Wildix easily integrates with a huge range of business products, such as Microsoft Teams, Oracle & Google, so that you can further enhance the way your business interacts both within your organisation and with your customers. A cornerstone of the Wildix philosophy is efficiency & productivity. By adopting a Wildix solution from Ocean Telecom, your business can realise significant time saving and customer service benefits. See the full list of integrations partners here.

Wildix Unified Communications and Collaboration


Collboration brings your staff and customers closer together. By having a wide range of methods to interact with your teams and clients, you reduce costs, improve your company image and increase productivity. Wildix Collaboration is a web-based tool that enables simple, instant and secure communication between employees from different offices of the company. These can be situated anywhere in the world, using office phones, PC’s, but also from mobile devices (BYOD)You can participate in a conference, make a call (video, audio), start sharing your desktop, send faxes and virtual reminders with just one click.

Wide range of handsets

With a large range of handsets to suit any budget, Wildix provides users with tremendous functionality, all topped off with a 5 year manufacturer warranty! Unlike many other VOIP systems, that rely upon 3rd party SIP phones, by using proprietary handsets, Wildix gives simple and quick access to every available feature. Wildix have an extensive range of fully featured phones that cover all vertical market requirements.

WebRTC Kite brings collaboration to your website

By using Kite on your website, customers can communicate with your staff directly at the click of a button. Voice calls, video calls, chat & even file sharing are simple. Your agents availability status is also displayed in real-time on your website. Find out more about how WebRTC can help your business here.

Unified Communications for Healthcare

We have incorporated Unified Communications tools into a dedicated solution for the Healthcare sector. The way staff, medical practitioners and patients communicate can be transformed.

Find out how here

Contact a member of our team using Wildix Kite and see how your business can benefit from a Wildix solution.

Simply select a contact option beneath an available member of the team. You can call, chat, or video-chat.

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Just some of the fantastic features within the Wildix Unified Communications portfolio include:

  • Cloud based or on-premise solutions
  • Video conferencing across all mediums
  • WebRTC
  • Integration with a wide number of applications including Microsoft Teams
  • Proprietary handsets
  • Mobile applications
  • Call Centre monitoring & reporting
  • Cordless handset range
  • Call recording
  • 5 year warranty on all hardware

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