Working with Microsoft Teams.

Working with Microsoft Teams.

Working with Microsft Teams

The award winning Wildix communications platform has full integration with Microsoft Teams. If your business is already working with Microsoft Teams, you can now also access the Wildix platform, one of the World’s leaders in communication and collaboration. It’s been adopted by more than a million users in 135 countries! It doesn’t require a complex Microsoft Architecture and can be set up in minutes.


Microsoft Teams is a powerful business tool. It merges workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. These are all great things, but Teams is not the whole package, it does NOT include a complete business communication solution! Wildix does!

Wildix, a leader in communications, has embraced working with Microsft Teams! Wildix integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to satisfy the need for a fully-equipped virtual workplace. This allows users to not just make and receive calls while using Teams, but to enjoy all the benefits of a sophisticated communications system.


Not only do you get to enjoy greater flexibilty and features, you also reduce costs. By using Wildix with Teams you can enjoy much better call rates. Ocean offers fantastic call rates and can bespoke rates to meet the needs of your business. It also means you can take advantage of the Ocean Telecom support team, and dedicated account management. If you value customer service, then Ocean Telecom could be the answer you’re looking for!

Wildix is the first Cloud Browser-Based Unified Communications and VoIP PBX that’s fully integrated with the Microsoft Teams platform, letting companies connect their phone systems with Microsoft Professional Suite.

To find out more about how Wildix can enhance working with Microsoft Teams, talk to one of the Ocean team.

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