Mobility and Flexible Working

One of the main reasons businesses choose to invest in mobile technology is mobility: ability to work remotely. This benefit is so significant that a common philosophy of, “Work is no longer a place you go, it’s a thing to do” has been adopted among a number of industries.

The advance in mobile technology has seen developments being made that can be specifically beneficial to businesses. Some of these features are listed below:

Remote Working Capabilities

Remote IP Phones

Nowadays, we live our busiest work lives and we need to be able to react in an instant, with no delay. With remote IP phones on any device, you can stay connected to your colleagues in the office no matter where you are. Therefore, you can still perform effectively at all times and carry on working faster, getting more out of every minute.

Video Calling

Combined improvements and advancements to camera quality and network accessibility have given businesses the ability to utilise video calling and conferencing. As well as this, with high quality cameras, employees can take photos of important information or documents while on the move and share them with the team.

Mobile App Technology

The number of different mobile applications that are currently available and have been designed with businesses in mind is truly extensive. Productivity levels can be maintained and even exceeded with organisational business tools in the palm of your hand.

Mobility Solutions at Ocean Telecom

The ability for working remotely on any device at any time improves efficiency of any business. Staff being contactable internally or by clients easily to get quick answers and decisions made to increase revenues and reduce costs. Contact us today for your business mobile solutions.