Ocean Telecom have recently partnered with a local print company, FCC Innovation. After multiple run-ins at East Anglian B2B exhibitions, we’ve built a strong working relationship and we’re really excited to be working together to help each other’s clients.

Who Are FCC Innovation?

FCC Innovation, also known as First Copy Corporation, are a local family-run business based in East Anglia. They have been providing printing solutions for businesses, such as printers, presses, software and managed print services, for over 30 years.

Documents and data are core components of any business and it’s important to choose a company you can trust to supply printing solutions – this is FCC Innovation. We have chosen to partner with them because of this reason, as well as the complementary services we can offer together.

How Ocean Telecom & FCC Innovation Work Together

Our products and services go hand-in-hand to help businesses with their office technology. In addition to documents and data, communications are also core to the daily workings of any business, so together we can provide a complete solution.

Both FCC Innovation and Ocean Telecom’s main priority is supporting customers to get the best value possible from their contracts. By sharing a similar ethos, we have the ability to provide customer service that exceeds expectations.

We don’t just recommend a trusted partner, we work alongside them and have first-hand knowledge of their high standard of products and customer service.

Get in touch with us directly to find out more about how we can help you and our new partnership. Give us a call on 01284 771555 to speak to one of our friendly team members or fill out our contact form detailing your requirements.