Are you getting the most out of your cloud phone system? Our bet is that you might not be aware of some of the useful and innovative things it can do that can help you day-to-day as well as in unpredictable circumstances.

Find out all about them and see what you might be missing out on!

1. Highlight to Dial Functionality

Copy and paste? This is a thing of the past with your cloud phone system’s ability to highlight and dial. Simply highlight any phone number on your browser and right click to call it – it’s as easy as that!

2. See the Chosen Auto Attendant Option

With the ability to see the Auto Attendant option the caller has chosen on screen, there is no confusion. No matter what department they have picked to talk to, the operator is prepared, the transfer is streamlined and the customer is satisfied.

3. Have Phone Numbers for Each Location

Did you know that you don’t have to get a new phone line for every location your business resides in? Your cloud phone system can accommodate multiple numbers for each location and has the flexibility to facilitate further growth. Also, you have the ability to see which callers called which number. This kind of data can be very useful.

4. Use Your Cloud Phone System on Any Device

Your cloud phone system can be used through both a PC app and a mobile app. This means you can access everything you need on any device. As long as you have the app on your device, you can use your phone system. You don’t work around your technology; it works around you.

5. Use Your Cloud Phone System in Any Location

Just as your cloud phone system can be used on any device, it can also be used on either WiFi or your mobile data network. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can access the functionality and information you need wherever your office may reside. Remote working has never been easier.

6. Create Your Own Hold Message

As an alternative to the traditional hold music everyone knows and questionably loves, your cloud phone system provides the opportunity to create your very own hold message. What’s a better way to promote sales or get your company message across? You have free rein to use this functionality to your advantage.

7. Merge Web Chat to System

There are minimal limitations when it comes to software integrations with your cloud phone system. For example, you can merge your Wildix Kite tool, so you can have all your communication technology in one place. Everything is easier if it’s all in one place, you’ll never lose anything again!

8. Monitor Client & Employee Conversations

Monitor your employees’ performance by listening into their conversations with clients, identifying both positive attributes and room for improvement. Additionally, there is also the option to barge into the call; hopefully you won’t have to use it, but it’s there just in case.

9. Collect Quality Training Material & Resources

Following on from the point above, these conversations can be recorded and stored for training purposes later down the line. Real-life experiences are the best resources that can be used for training and to prepare new employees for their new role. Prepare them for the expected as well as the unexpected.

10. Keep Updated Automatically

You no longer have to worry about whether your phone system is up to date. You no longer have to worry about spending time trying to figure outdated software. Your VoIP systems are continuously being updated, so remaining up to date is no longer a costly exercise.

Cloud Phone System & Features from Ocean Telecom

Feel like you’re missing out? Get in touch with us today to find out how you can do all this and more with your existing cloud phone system or if you’d like to upgrade to a new system that can do all the above.